About us

Nibro BV is a manufacturer of stainless steel pipe clamps and saddle pipe clips in various qualities since 2006. We produce these completely independently in our factory in Oisterwijk from where we send our end products to our customers at home and abroad. The complete program contains many hundreds of different types of pipe clamps and saddle pipe clips that are used in the food sector, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, land and horticulture, civil engineering, recreation, offshore, petrochemical and infrastructure. We mainly deliver from stock, so short delivery times are guaranteed.

With our extensive machineries

  • 12 excentric presses from 20 to 250 tons
  • 7 hydraulic presses from 30 to 250 tons
  • hydraulic bending machines up to 20 tons
  • CNC controlled profiling machine
  • complete polishing department with various polishing drums and muldenband shotblast installation
  • own welding department with automated welding system
  • fully automatic sawing machines

we can respond quickly to innovations or questions from the market which we, together with our experienced team, will expertly handle and implement in order to come up with the right solution to the satisfaction of the customer. Our daily output in 2021 will be around 14000 pipe clamps and saddle pipe clips in various sizes and qualities.

At February 2020 we started with the production of DIN3567 stainless steel pipeclamps which we will deliver from stock.